NWFH is a Design-oriented Manufacturing and leading Export House in INDIA, managed by SAKSHI GUPTA (CREATIVE DIRECTOR) and SHREYA GUPTA (MANAGING DIRECTOR).

It has always been our main priority to ensure both quality and timely deliverance. This enabled us to gain some of the most prestigious clients whom we are proudly working with today.

NWFH has Clients in the USA, Israel, UK, Italy, and the Middle East.

NWFH Design Ready to Wear garments collection and works on every single detail which makes it impeccable, behind each piece of clothing is a message on the strength of women and the power of solidarity.

What does NWFH serve?

NWFH Serves Couture Luxury garments that include exclusive creativity, detailing, and beautiful prints designed for women’s fashion, kid’s fashion, and bedding Textile. NWFH takes pride in serving the latest trends and always tries to adopt the most effective and latest technology available to provide fast fashion.

Why Next World Fashion House LLP?

NWFH is a design-oriented company and is always ready to take the challenges of their clients or buyers and try to develop their thought processes into reality. NWFH is known for its best service worldwide.

What does NWFH value the most?

NWFH values on-time delivery, transparency with their clients, and quality precision products. Each order they made with care in their own ethically run garment company.

What makes NWFH one of the leaders?

NWFH's ability and support system enable it to produce High-quality precision garments. We believe that for greater output and efficiency a good facility is important. Our Designer, QA, Pattern Master, Stitching Master, Tailors, Craftsman, Embroider, Adda person, Khaka Person, Checker, iron man, etc. closely work together with high-end apparatus for the Finest operations.


Our unwavering vision is “To be a globally respected Design hub-organization that provides the best Designs and Services using a skilled workforce, superior raw materials, complying with social standards, and Customer satisfaction”.


  • To continually strive to provide services that lead to higher-value creation of products and services.

  • To work in an environment of Trust, Integrity, and Equal Opportunity for our internal and external customers.

  • To continue to be a learning and change responsive organization.

STRENGTHS: We are a verified manufacturer and exporter of mid to high-end fashion garments. We design and produce our garments that stand out for the exclusive creativity, detailing, innovative materials, colors, embroidery, and prints in our office. We have in-depth knowledge about the specific aspects of the fashion industry with great international potential.

CREATIVITY AT WORK: Each product is made under the supervision of the Creative director. She uses her in-depth knowledge of creativity to express the unique nuances of their designs. The passion truthfully shows in each of her designs that rely on powerful images to show the world why Next World Fashion House is a special place.

PROFESSIONALISM: We are looking to complete any work assignment with the highest effectiveness and strict quality control. Every single item is designed by our Designers and produced in our factory in India.

HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS: We pay close attention to each stitch and seam in the pursuit of creating a perfect product every time.

PRINCIPLES: At NEXT WORLD FASHION HOUSE, we follow three simple principles of respecting our own words and do as we said, building our relationship with customers solely based on trust, reliability, and transparency.